Bach to Bock is a funny and eye-opening podcast from two brothers who love music and having a brew.  After one beer-soaked evening, Kevin and Matty Oates realized that the classical music they grew up playing was in the fast lane to extinction, and in an age where sharing music has never been easier, They knew something had to be done. They decided it was time to open the world of classical music to the world of brewing, one beer at a time.

Combining their passions, they bring you episodes that break down the barriers surrounding the world of orchestral music, throwing the stuffiness out the window and replacing it with a new energy fueled with pints.  Listen in every week as they come at you from breweries and tasting rooms, talking with musicians, brewers, conductors, and bartenders. 

Maybe you've been a fan of this music from a young age, or maybe you've only seen Apocalypse Now. No matter your background, subscribe today and listen in to hear two worlds collide in a new and exciting way.