THE GUEST: Norman Huynh

Few have done as much as this 27-year-old to bring classical music to the masses. From creating the 'Occasional Symphony' Orchestra in Baltimore and the Symphony & Spirits meetings in Portland, to studying conducting in Leipzig, he's on the same mission we are and we're going to open a beer with him and talk shop.  Did we mention he's the Assistant Conductor of the Portland Symphony Orchestra?


THE BREWS: Pumpkinhead & Little Horror of Hops (Shipyard)


This family-owned Maine brewery began as a small operation in 1994, and have grown to an international brand. In 1996 they first brewed their now-famous Pumpkinhead Ale, and Autumn just isn't the same without a bottle of this stuff. Septembewr 2014 saw Their Seasonal "Little Horror of hops" released, and it piqued our curiousity.  We'll be drinking a few to get us in the Halloween spirit, while listening to the pieces that help make it the scariest day of the year.